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This event is now closed.  Please use this website as a resource for the program details. 

Visit the main AELERT website for current AELERT events & news and access the November 2013 Conference Presentations & video insights on the main AELERT website via the Resource Library.

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2013 AELERT Conference supported by Conference co-hosts EPA Vic and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries.  This year brought together over 300 environmental regulatory officers and affiliates to “drive better regulatory practice together” at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 13-14 November.

We thank all Conference participants, supporters and presenters for their contribution in making the Conference a great success.  We hope you’ve returned to your agencies or organisations motivated about the work you do and inspired to continue connecting through AELERT to help you pursue better practice approaches to the administration and enforcement of environmental legislation

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We will be using your feedback to continue to develop the network and respond to the needs and wants of our members.  We’re currently working with our Steering Committee on the host for the next conference in 2015.  In the meantime we’re also developing plans for our smaller get together, the AELERT Forum which will take place in 2014.

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AELERT is more than a conference; our communication and collaboration tools enable member officers to connect and share information about regulatory practice on a day-to-day basis.  All you need to do is opt in on the initiatives of interest to you and your agency, or suggest a new one, by keeping an eye out for the AELERT Online newsletter in your inbox – your link to the latest news and goings on from across the network – or getting in touch with the AELERT Secretariat or your AELERT Jurisdictional Representative.

We look forward to connecting with you to continue to drive better regulatory practice together for another 10 years!


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4th February 2014: All the AELERT News following the conference is available via our main website